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Tuesday 2 October 2012

Dancehall Paul

I went down to Brick Lane market on Sunday and picked up a selection of vinyl albums at 50p a time. Getting on the bus to go home, I paid my fare and sat down but was then called back by the driver. I assumed I was in trouble for some reason, but he just pointed to the record on the top of the pile and said "I've got that at home. That's a good album that is".

The album in question was "Sara" by Frankie Paul. It is a King Jammy's production from 1987, back when Frankie was ruling the dancehalls. And the driver was right.

"Musical Explosion" - Frankie Paul

"Know The Way Of The Weakheart" - Frankie Paul

"(A No) String Build Me Up" - Frankie Paul

Yes, 1987 certainly was a vintage year for music.

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