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Sunday 7 October 2012

Single Song Sunday

I am not sure whether two posts in under 24 hours constitutes a blogging frenzy, but it is as close to frenzied as I get. The main reason is that I'm off on my hols in a few days and I'm trying to clear the shelves before I go, but it is also an excuse to send out some lurve to you wonderful people.

This post was prompted by listening to the very good covers EP that Marika Hackman has kindly made available through her website. It includes her version of "These Days", and I was prompted to dig out some of the other versions I have of that song. There are loads. And here are some of them.

We start off with Nico, the first recorded version and probably the best known, then bring you the version by the man who wrote the song, Jackson Browne. We then take you briskly through folk, country and indie before ending up with Marika, being the most recent.

"These Days" - Nico

"These Days" - Jackson Browne

"These Days" - Kate Wolf

"These Days" - Johnny Darrell

"These Days" - Paul Westerberg

"These Days" - Marika Hackman

Last time we featured a single song it was Neil Young's "Only Love Will Break Your Heart", and we rounded things off with a disco version by Elkie Brooks. As far as I know Elkie has never got her claws into this one. Glen Campbell has, though, and as you would expect it is really rather lovely.


  1. Maybe if Elkie had got her great vocal ability on this song , we would be hearing something better.

  2. Elkie Brooks did get her great vocal ability onto "Make You Feel my Love" which is fantastic. Maybe you should do a blog on that. But hey!! who knows you might be negative about that also.