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Tuesday 15 January 2013

Happy Anniversary

This Thursday will be our fourth anniversary here at Leggiesland. I won't be able to post on the day - British Rail and the wrong sort of snow permitting I'll be in Cornwall - so I thought I should mark the occasion today instead. I'm doing that by re-posting some of the tracks that were first posted in the early months, when our readership was one man and a dog that had jumped up at the desk and hit the keyboard randomly. Although I say so myself, we had some good stuff up in those days. How things have changed.

"Khala My Friend" - Amanaz

"I'm Not The Loving Kind" - John Cale

"Electrick Gypsies" - Steve Hillage

"Choctaw Bingo" - James McMurtry

"Queen Of The Slipstream" - Son Seals

"Blind Date" - Vivian Stanshall

And it's been ages since we had any new Tsonga Disco, the original reason why the blog got started. Apologies. Stocks are running low until I get to South Africa at Easter, but we'll plug the gap post Cornwall next week with some tunes from Doctor Sithole.

To tide you over to then, here are a couple of clips featuring some fellow Cornishmen - first, Mick Fleetwood of Redruth, and then Lostwithiel's very own Andy Mackay.


  1. Congratulations Ernie and thanks for all th egreat tunes, lo these many years!

  2. Bless you, you lovely, lovely people

  3. Happy Anniversary! thise five songs are part of the reason 27 Leggies is my favourite music blog, tho' the self-deprecating words of the improbably named Mr Goggins have something to do with it.