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Sunday 20 January 2013

Tsonga on Sunday

As promised in my last post, I have fought my way back from Cornwall through the snowy wastes of Southern England to bring you some long overdue Tsonga music from Doctor Sithole. Although he has been making music since 1993 I have only two of his albums - "Avukatini A Zimbabwe" (2005) and "Nghoma Ya Mundawu". Here are a couple of tracks from each.

"Vinyl Mali" - Doctor Sithole (2005)

"Naha Hleketa (Remix)" - Doctor Sithole (2005)

"Nghoma Ya Mundawu" - Doctor Sithole (2006)

"Mini Byela Hiku Niba" - Doctor Sithole (2006)

And here is another doctor to keep you dancing. Danish viewers may already be familiar with the work of Dr. Phil (and, as a result, will probably be logging off in their droves). The rest of you - watch and wonder!

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