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Tuesday 22 January 2013

Jolly Nina

We are going upmarket a bit today, with Ms Nina Simone.

In 1982 she released "Fodder On My Wings", an album recorded in Paris with a three-piece band comprising Sydney Thiam (congas, bells and woodblock), Paco Sery (percussion and tympani) and Sylvain Marc (electric bass). I bought a vinyl copy some time in the mid 1980s and fell in love with it. The near title track "Fodder In Her Wings" and "I Was Just A Stupid Dog To Them" are prime examples of moody and angry Nina respectively, and there is a beautiful French version of "Balm In Gilead". But she also gets uncharacteristically jolly at times, as today's tasters demonstrate.

My vinyl copy sadly went the way of all flesh. For a long time the album was not available on CD, but that was put right a few years ago and you can now download the album for £7.49 on Amazon. You should go and do that right away.

"I Sing Just To Know That I Am Alive" - Nina Simone

"Heaven Belongs To You" - Nina Simone

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