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Sunday 6 October 2013

Oldies But Goodies

You are not going to hear a lot from me this month, folks. In a couple of hours I'm off to Lithuania for a few days' work followed by a few days' holiday, I come back to change my socks, then I'm off to Russia for more of the same. Still, think of all the Lithuanian disco and Russian folk-rock you have to look forward to!

I'll leave you for now with a selection of tracks that we first featured back in our formative days but are well worth playing again. We start with something from an album of Virginian soul and funk that I bought in the State Library in Richmond (now that's a library!). We follow it up with some Filipino pop, some "post punk" from the UK and Belgium, before finishing with some South African reggae and a tribute to the Korean alphabet. Something for everyone.

"I Was Born To Be A Drummer" - The 35th Street Gang

"Shing-a-Ling Time" - Helen Gamboa

"Expert" - pragVEC

"Give Me A Gun" - Lavvi Ebbel

"Ke LeRasta 4 Life" - Rastaman Nkhushu

"Mi Ga Na Da Ka Ma Ba (My Loving Korean Alphabet)" - Kim Jung Mi

Regular readers know what you're going to get as the video clip when I'm off on my hols. But instead of the usual clip, here's the boys back together in 2004.

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