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Tuesday 15 October 2013

Very Big In Vilnius

I had a very pleasant time in Lithuania last week - definitely worth a visit if you have not had the chance to do so before (and, indeed, if you have).

One of the cultural highlights was seeing Arbata in concert in the very groovy Puntojazz Club in Kaunas, promoting their new album "Kiekvienas Tiesus". To put it another way, according to Google Translate, I saw Tea promoting their new album "Every Straight".

I enjoyed the show a lot. The accordion player gave them a feel of the Waterboys just at the point they started moving from The Big Music to Fisherman's Blues (not that I'm equating the two bands, you understand).

The album I enjoyed slightly less. It is a good listen, but on most tracks they replace the accordion with keyboards which makes their anthemic ambitions a bit more obvious. I've never been a great one for anthems, and it is perhaps no surprise that my favourite track on the album is the one that sounds most like the live version.

"As Tave Rasiu" - Arbata

I can also announce an exciting discovery for you fashion fans. As you can just about make out in this picture, the suit jacket with sleeves rolled up to the elbow look is still alive and well in Kaunas. It's like the 80s never left us.

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