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Thursday 17 October 2013

Teanet Time!

The late, great Peta Teanet - the first King of Tsonga Disco - always goes down well with our core constituency. So, pandering to you as shamelessly as a Tory politician inventing immigration scare stories, here are a couple of tracks from his album "Double Pashash".

"Ha Hela" - Peta Teanet

"Dlawelwa Kulunga" - Peta Teanet

"Double Pashash" came out in 1995. Back in Blighty this was a big hit that year. I remember dancing to it in the Rio Nightclub in Leamington Spa with a group of drunken civil servants - happy days!

And of course you can't have that without this as a 2-for-1 treat. Mandy Dingle!

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