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Tuesday 10 June 2014

Carlinhos & The Caxirola

With the World Cup nearly upon us, it is time to pay tribute to the inventor of the caxirola. For those of you not familiar with it, the caxirola is a sort of maraca that was intended to be this year's vuvuzela (although presumably slightly less irritating).

It was only rather late in the day that someone spotted that the caxirola makes for quite a handy weapon as well, ideal for flinging at fatherless referees and the like. As a result, FIFA has banned them from all World Cup stadia, not that it has stopped Mr Blatter and his boys continuing to sell them on its website as official World Cup merchandise. No surprise there.

The hapless inventor of the caxirola is Carlinhos Brown. Carlinhos has had more luck as a musician than he has as an inventor, with a long successful career and an Oscar nomination for the soundtrack to "Rio". Here are a couple of tracks from his 2003 album "Carlinhos Brown É Carlito Marrón".

"Aganju" - Carlinhos Brown

"Talavera" - Carlinhos Brown

Come Thursday, the whole world will be watching, including in those countries whose teams did not quite make it. Today's clip goes out - in the spirit of brotherhood - to our old pal Charity Chic and all of our readers north of the border. I expect our lot will be joining yours on the sidelines soon.


  1. I will be supporting Ghana Ernie - as I drew them in the office sweepie which I organised (so no cheating there!)
    Mrs CC tells me that as a young thing she did a gynmastics display to the above song!

  2. It is hard to imagine how that could even be possible. She must be a remarkable woman.

  3. I'm just amazed it took Andy Cameron nearly 2 minutes of that song before he got a dig in about England not qualifying.

  4. Isn't that the campaign when the Scotland Squad were all given a new Hillman Avenger? I'm sure something like that happened. As always I would not be surprised if England make it to the semis. ANd also not surprised if they do not make it out the group stages (a la Scotland).