Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Shrimp Samba

Some samba from Brazil - where else? - for you today, courtesy of Molejo. They started out in the mid 1990s and appear still to be going strong. I picked up a compilation dating from 2002 for 50p recently, and it was 50p extremely well spent.

First up is my new favourite song of all time, and I anticipate it will remain so until at least Thursday. The second track, with its references to bacalhau and camarões, appears to be some sort of tribute to seafood. I'm on a seafood diet, you know...

"Samba Rock Do Molejão" - Molejo

"Né Brinquedo Não" - Molejo

Still in Brazil, that Neymar chap has been attracting a lot of attention lately. While I can understand why, personally I have bit of a soft spot for his team-mate Fred. I believe I am legally required to refer to him as "journeyman striker Fred", but with an average of a goal every two games England could do with a journeyman like that. This is for him.


  1. Fred does however have a dodgy porn film 'tash!

  2. All part of the appeal, Chic, all part of the appeal

  3. Poor old Fred, wonder if Big Phil will stick with him tonight.

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