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Sunday 8 June 2014

Seeger Song Sunday

With untypical, and possibly unrepeatable, planning we have Single Song Sunday for two weeks in a row. This week it is the old protest song standard, "Where Have All The Flowers Gone". Written by Pete Seeger, it was popularised by the Kingston Trio who had a hit with it in 1961. Since then there have been many weird and wonderful versions. Some of these are more weird than wonderful, it must be acknowledged.

"Where Have All The Flowers Gone" - The Kingston Tro

"Where Have All The Flowers Gone" - Johnny Rivers

"Where Have All The Flowers Gone" - The Chambers Brothers

"Where Have All The Flowers Gone" - Earth, Wind & Fire

"Where Have All The Flowers Gone" - Marlene Dietrich

"Where Have All The Flowers Gone" - Rufus Harley

While "researching" this post I discovered that Jimmy Sommerville had covered the song, so I tracked that down. Had he done it in the style you associate with him it would definitely been here, but it turned out to be a perfectly pleasant but fairly unremarkable acoustic version. So instead, here is Jimmy doing what he does best.

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  1. Here is Marlene's German version courtesy of Walter's A Few Good Times in my Life Blog