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Sunday 22 March 2015

Melody Men

This was going to be a simple post highlighting the dilemma faced by Courtney Melody in choosing between a modern girl and his original girl, something with which we can all empathise I am sure.

But then I decided to add four other acts with "melody" in their name. It destroys the conceptual purity of my original idea, but gives you three times the fun.

Singing, like Courtney, is of the reggae persuasion. A hop over the water to Trinidad joins us up with Lord, an old favourite of ours as regulars will know. And you need to go to Africa for Africa (Zimbabwe) and the Aces (Ghana).

"Original Girl" - Courtney Melody

"Modern Girl" - Courtney Melody

"I Want You Back" - Singing Melody

"Bimini Gal" - Lord Melody

"Emma Rega Kuchema" - Africa Melody

"Asaw Fofor" - The Melody Aces

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