Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Tsonga Time 2

On Monday we featured Mhan Flo Shinyori, a woman closely associated with the traditional side of Tsonga pop through her association with Thomas Chauke. Today we feature someone who I had never heard of before finding their CD in the bargain bins on my last trip to Joburg, and who comes from the house wing. It is Halata, ably supported by Titlakuseni Magaza, and the album in question is "N'Wana Bava Vol 1", released in 2009.

The sleeve notes don't tell you much. Halata himself plays keyboards as well as singing. The backing singers are Tsakani and Mkhakoma, and there are "special appearances" by Psakane and Makoma, though what they do and what makes them so special who knows. The album is produced by DJ Maspila, a house music DJ who I think may be from Mozambique judging by some of his other collaborations. Maspila co-writes all the tracks along with one Lucky Masinga. Your guess is as good as mine as to whether Lucky and Halata are one and the same.

"Nhlampfi I Ya Mangena" - Halata & Titlakuseni Magaza

"Vutomi Bya Tika" - Halata & Titlakuseni Magaza

Here is some more house music for you.

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