Monday, 16 March 2015

Tsonga Time

Two weeks today I will arrive in South Africa for my all too short annual visit. Most of the time I will be in assorted middles of nowhere (if you can have more than one middle) so my opportunities to hunt down more Tsonga music will be limited. But I will do what I can.

As mentioned a few posts back, I have been eking out last year's purchases so sparingly that I now find I have two still to feature. The first is "Xibombi No. 1" by Mhan Flo Shinyori. Flo has served for many years as one of the Shinyori Sisters, who provide such sterling support for the great Thomas Chauke. In 2010 Thomas retreated to the control room and Flo finally got the chance to take centre stage. She rose to the occasion admirably.

"Tiyisela" - Mhan Flo Shinyori

"Papa Rosinah" - Mhan Flo Shinyori

It doesn't always go so well when backing singers step out of the shadows.

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