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Saturday 10 October 2015

Jean's On

A real treat for you today - both sides of a single released in 1968 on Calla Records by Jean Wells. "What Have I Got To Lose" was the A-side, but I love them both.

"What Have I Got To Lose" - Jean Wells

"Broomstick Horse Cowboy" - Jean Wells

I have been able to find out precisely nothing about Jean. I can tell you that the record was produced by Clyde Otis, who made his name co-writing and producing hits for Brook Benton. Including this little number, which was improved immeasurably when the Welsh Elvis got hold of it. And asked Shakey to join her.


  1. Liked the first Jean Wells song but just couldn't get into the broomstick song at all. Suffered the video of Shakey and Bonny for about 45 seconds

  2. The guy on first violin is quite scary - his eyes look into your soul.