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Thursday 22 October 2015

Medical Matters

My friend Stephanie is feeling poorly at the moment. She thinks it is just the flu but you can't be too careful, so I thought I would round up a few medical practitioners to see if they can help. Dr Handy's dandy candy may be worth a try but I would implore her to steer well clear of Dr. Kitch, as no good can come of it. For that matter, even though she is a very virtuous woman, I am not entirely sure she could safely be left alone with Doc Sausage either.

"Unitone Skank" - Dr. Alimantado

"Dr. Handy's Dandy Candy" - Jim Ford

"Dr. Kitch" - Lord Kitchener

"Ilhe Chinyenre" - Dr. Sir Warrior and his Oriental Brothers International

"Rag Mop" - Doc Sausage


  1. Always good to hear Jim Ford. Get well soon Stephanie

  2. ....................and here's me wanting to ay how good it is to see someone post a Jim Ford song.