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Monday 12 October 2015

Leapin' In Liepāja

I am slowly working my way through assorted unlistened to CDs I have gathered on my travels this year in the hope of reducing the backlog before the pending pile collapses under its own weight. Today's tracks are from one I picked up in Riga back in May, which gives you an idea of how far behind I am. "Sviests V" is a compilation of Latvian folk music. It is not all  to my taste, but I like these two. The first is mean and moody, the second as jolly as can be. Tumsa, tumsa baby!!!

"Saules Deja" - Vējam Kabatā

"Tumša Tumša Tā Eglīte" - Otava Yo

I doubt very much whether Otava Yo is related to Ethiopian rapper Teddy Yo, but let's pretend he (or she, or conceivably they) is. That gives me all the excuse I need to dig this one out.

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