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Monday 8 February 2016

Blue Eyed Zydeco

According to Dan Willging, who wrote the sleeve notes on Bernie Alan's "Blue Eyed Zydeco" EP, Bernie and his band Knight Train play an "exciting synthesis of zydeco and zydecajun". If anyone can explain the difference between the two I would be very grateful.

Bernie and the boys recorded the EP in Kinder, Louisiana in 2001. I purchased it in a flea market in Eccleston, Lancashire yesterday. The first isn't the home of the eggs, the second isn't the home of the cakes. And that's all I can tell you about either of them without recourse to Wikipedia.

Anyway, here are the lads.

"I Got Loaded" - Bernie Alan & Knight Train

"Please Don't Leave Me" - Bernie Alan & Knight Train

While you've been listening to that I've been busy on Wikipedia compiling a sort of "village top trumps". Eccleston wins on size (4,500 residents to Kinder's 2,500). Kinder wins on entertainment options (a casino resort with championship level golf course versus two pubs, one of which was in the process of being demolished yesterday). Kinder makes a decent stab at the "famous residents" category thanks to the late zydeco star Beau Jocque, but I am afraid Eccleston wins hands down thanks to current resident, cyclist and mod Sir Bradley Wiggins.

Sir Brad wins on the fame count, but if it is a rollicking good tune you want you really have to go with Beau Jocque.

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  1. It's a race thing,with cajun based on reels, valse's and 2 steps and zydeco having more blues influence. Listen to Nathan Abshire for cajun and Clifton Chenier for zydeco (though my guess is you already know them)