Saturday, 27 February 2016

Going Wild In Walsall

Today we have three tracks from a fine 2-CD compilation called "Brumbeat" - like Merseybeat if it headed west on the M62 and then south on the M6.

All the major West Midlands beat groups of the 1960s are featured, as you would expect - The Spencer Davis Group, The Moody Blues, The Move and so on. Two of today's three selections have a connection to The Move. Carl Wayne, of course, went on to be their lead singer, while "William Chalker's Time Machine" was written by bassist Ace Kefford.

"You Could Be Fun (At The End Of The Party)" - Carl Wayne & The Vikings

"That's When Happiness Began" - The Montanas

"William Chalker's Time Machine" - The Lemon Tree

The Montanas weren't from Birmingham at all but from Wolverhampton. Like this lot.

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