Friday, 12 February 2016

Iberian Eighties

What better way to get in the mood for the weekend than with some Portuguese new wave from the early 1980s? Actually, maybe don't answer that one...

When I was in Lisbon last month I picked up a compilation album called "O Melhor Do Rock Português 1980-1984". Here are a couple of selections for you. The first one in particular could not possibly come from any other decade.

"Amor (Parte 1)" - Heróis Do Mar

"Bom Dia Lisboa" - Rádio Macau

If Portuguese Wikipedia is to be believed, the success of "Amor (Parte 1)" led directly to Heróis Do Mar getting a prestigious support slot on a Roxy Music tour. It being 1982, Bryan and the boys were presumably promoting this:

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  1. Just not enough accordion in either, Enrie. But there's no mistaking the musical era of either track.Portuguese New Wave? It's Portuguese BIG wave here at the moment, and in about an hour is an international kayak race on our river. Watch out for the headlines of drowned participants