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Monday 9 January 2017

More Tsonga

After the rapturous reception for the return of Tsonga disco last time out - well, George liked it - here are a couple more I've been sitting on. Please welcome Lucy Shivambu and bad boy Benny Mayengani, with tracks from their respective 2014 albums, "Wa Mina Hi Wihi?" and "Vayuda"

"Ulo Tolovela" - Lucy Shivambu

"Monate" - Benny Mayengani

Here's a song about another Benny. I like the song, but you do wonder what on earth it was doing on "Soul Train".

That was OK, but my favourite Elton performance of that song comes midway through this clip from Saturday Night Live.


  1. Sorry Ernie, the previous offerings were more to my taste.

    1. Mine too, to be honest. But we keep plugging away