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Wednesday 25 January 2017

Scots Woo-Hoo

This one is for our Caledonian readers (you know who you are) - a little Burns Night special. Three from the Bard himself, and one modern equivalent. The Michael Marra performance makes even a stone-hearted sassenach like me a bit damp-eyed. Goodness knows what it does to you lot.

"Green Grow The Rashes" - Michael Marra

"Now Westlin Winds" - Dick Gaughan

"Ay Waukin O" - Christine Sparks

"The Sadness In Your Life Will Slowly Fade" - Bill Wells & Aidan Moffat

Not strictly Burns, but I could not let the occasion pass without sharing my all time favourite Scottish hip hop fusion classic.


  1. Lovely stuff to help digest my haggis, neeps & tattie Ernie

  2. You saved the best til last Ernie, I like to think that Sir Jimmy Shand would approve.