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Saturday 28 January 2017

Tales Of Yesterday

Yesterday I went to a belated end of year works lunch at an excellent Peruvian restaurant called Andina in trendy Shoreditch. The food was great, but it was almost worth the money for the decor in the back room alone. It consisted of a large collection of vintage Peruvian albums and singles. I was seriously tempted to nick a few of them.

Amongst the acts on display were the leading lights of the Peruvian psychedelic movement, Traffic Sound. And here they are.

"White Deal/ Poco/ Big Deal" - Traffic Sound

"Tibet's Suzettes" - Traffic Sound

Then in the evening I met up with some old pals to go and see the Rezillos, who are still going strong after forty years or so.Very good they were too. They played all the hits of course - one of which is below - but for me the highlight of the evening was their raucous version of an old Scottish standard, featuring Eugene Reynolds on honking saxophone. So we'll kick off the clips with the original hit version of the aforementioned standard.


  1. Although those 2 tracks are of their time, they sound remarkably good. ANy more south american psychedleia coming our way?

  2. ...I should add that we need more psychedlic South American songs with flute playing. A Peruvian Jethro Tull!

  3. No promises, George, but I'll see what I can do