Friday, 1 September 2017

Bonus Mabones

The original intention for this post was to bring you a selection of songs based on the "mabone" rhythm, which swept all before it in South Africa in the mid 1970s, and which was cheekily pilfered by Malcolm McLaren on "Double Dutch".

I brought in deep voiced country crooner Randy Travis to help me get the job done. Things started well when he dug out the West Nkosi hit from 1973 that started it all off. Then he dusted off the Mahotella Queens version from the following year.

And then he broke the bad news to me.

"Two Mabone" - West Nkosi

"Jive Mabone" - The Mahotella Queens

"You're Out Of My Bones" - Randy Travis

1 comment:

  1. MM was a bit of an arse but damn him he hit the bell a few times. I think even my 34-years-ago-fastidious-pop-sneering self would have liked this. Love the skipping troupes. I trust/hope Pan's People never tried these routines!