Friday, 22 September 2017

Murry and Mate

Yesterday evening was spent in an old church round the back of St. Pancras station listening a man effing and blinding away.

The man in question was John Murry, currently touring to promote his new album "A Short History of Decay". I am not quite sure how to describe his performance, but I'll settle on "charismatic". Certainly you can't take your eyes off him, even if his stage patter is largely incomprehensible. You should definitely go along to see him if you get the opportunity.

Support came from Nadine Khouri, a new name to me but worth a listen as well. She also has a new album out. It's called "The Salted Air" and that is where this track comes from.

"Silver and Lead" - John Murry

"Catapult" - Nadine Khouri

As is often the way, there was a reasonable sprinkling of twerps at the gig. One sat right behind us and insisted on bellowing along with all John Murry's songs in order to show off to his pals - which is fine on the raucous numbers, but less so when Mr M is dramatically re-enacting his heartbreaking heroin traumas.

And then there was another who kept asking if people knew "his friend", indie superstar producer John Parrish. I toyed with pretending I thought he meant Man Parrish, but in the end decided "what would be the point?".

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  1. Ha ha you showed admirable restraint. I know well the situation you describe. I recall John Peel relating a story about him being heckled in a car park by some big I am knobhead type and him doing/saying nothing - but... in his mind he assumed a superhero form in which he CRUSHED and HUMILIATED said tosser in a trice. In our dreams. Holding the moral high ground sometimes comes a poor second. Back to your posts though and I'm impressed by both songs. Downloaded already and will search out their stuff in future. Cheers