Saturday, 9 September 2017

Schlager Saturday

There was a bit of a misunderstanding in the pub last night, when Mister F and I were trying to impress a bunch of Germans by telling them about our love of schlager, only to discover that they weren't German after all and hadn't the faintest idea what we were on about.

I was thwarted then, but will not be thwarted now. Here are a couple of schlager standards, one vintage and one relatively recent.

"Pretty Belinda" - Bernd Spier

"The Boxer (Party Version)" - Musictramps

And to pre-empt the inevitable questions - No. Bernd Spier is not the German translation of Burning Spear. They are different people, as these clips clearly demonstrate.


  1. How offended would you be if I said that The Boxer track you posted is truly terrible? Not even those banjo licks can improve it. I think there's a strong link between schlagger and the "pimba" shown on portuguese tv every day

    1. Not offended at all, I agree with you. If you are going to listen to schlager it needs to be the old stuff