Monday, 7 January 2019

Arnaldo Then Away

I'm off on my travels tomorrow, and will be back (with a bang!) in about ten days. But before I go, here are some tunes from Brazilian polymath Arnaldo Antunes.

I had never heard of him until recently when I found his 2001 album "Paradeiro" in a charity shop and decided it looked interesting enough to merit an investment of 50p. It was. Indeed, I enjoyed it so much I went rummaging around the Internet to find more of his stuff, a small portion of which I present to you now.

"Querem Mandar" - Arnaldo Antunes

"Desistiu de Mim" - Arnaldo Antunes

"Do Vento" - Arnaldo Antunes

See you soon, folks. Stay groovy in the meantime.

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  1. He did a lot with Maria Montes even before they did this: