Thursday, 31 January 2019

Day of the Jackal

I bought myself a new PC recently - the old one was so ancient you had to turn the crank at the back to get it started - and while most things went smoothly I've been having some problems with my music.

I use a well-known device beginning with a little "i" to play my music on, and it seems that when you transfer the library over to the new PC all the tracks originally uploaded from CDs need to be reactivated one by one in order to be able to play them.

On the one hand this is intensely irritating as it will take me ages to reboot the whole library. But on the bright side, it means I am coming across things I haven't listened to for years and rediscovering their manifold delights. One such is "Golden Hits Collection" by Don Carlos, which we feature now for your listening pleasure.

"Springheel Skanking" - Don Carlos

"Hog And Goat" - Don Carlos

Next in the "pile" is a compilation called "100 Hits: 80s Weekender", which I honestly had no recollection of acquiring. But I tracked down the original 5CD box set, and if the sticker is to be believed I only paid £1 for it. There are enough goodies amongst all the dross to make it a decent buy at that price. Here's one of them.


  1. Why does Ms Mazelle rub her stomach (ca 1min 10 secs into the video)?