Monday, 21 January 2019

Listeners Choice

Last time out I asked our loyal listeners to help me mark ten years of the blog by sending in random numbers between 1 and 3900, the idea being that the next playlist would consist of the songs that had those numbers on my spreadsheet of tracks we have featured during the life of the blog.

We've had six suggestions (well, five plus a nice comment from 1001 Songs who thoughtfully already has a number in their name). This is what you came up with. To be honest, it is a better selection than I normally manage. I may have to delegate the pop picking to you all again at some point.

"P'tit Femme Mon Gate" - Cormoran Group (selected by Ramone666)

"Cousin Rude Boy" - Culture (George)

"Mabibi" - Esta M (1001 Songs)

"I Love This Town" - Clive Gregson (Apothecary)

"Tupelo Honey" - Little Milton (Charity Chic)

"Raciste" - Ismaël Lô (Mister F)

That's enough looking back. Time to look forward. And what does the future hold for us - Peace and Prosperity? Doom and Gloom? Or Quark, Strangeness and Charm? My money's on the latter.


  1. I'm immoderately pleased with 'my'song! Was vaguely aware of Nancy Griffiths' version, which (if I'd given it any thought at all) I would've assumed was her song. Not so as it turns out and his recording is superior to hers. From now on I will claim to have won this song in a raffle. Cheers!