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Saturday 18 January 2020

Let's Go To The Hop

Here are some tunes sure to put a smile on your Saturday. They can all be found on a compilation called "Country Hop 1959-1963". It's possible you may recognise the third song.

"Big Cowboy" - Devvy Davenport

"You Can't Pick A Winner Every Time" - Bobby Nelson

"A Hard Day's Night" - Johnny Littrell

That is one of many country versions of Beatles songs out there, but it wasn't just a one way street.


  1. "country versions of Beatles songs out there"
    Now that's a project I am going to investigate this week.

  2. TWO very enjoyable songs there, Ernie. Track 2 has some interesting lines (something about 4 years to live?)

    1. I was a bit confused by that verse. He's told he has four years to live, gradually gives all his money away, and then right near the end of the four years finds he's miscalculated and has three more years to go. That seems like an implausibly lengthy reprieve.