Friday, 3 January 2020

Malagasy Madness

A couple of months ago The Ubiquitous George tipped me off to a new compilation called "Alefa Madagascar! Salegy, Soukous & Soul from The Red Island 1974-1984". I have finally got round to listening to it, and it is as wonderful as he claims.

The album was compiled by the always excellent Strut Records and you can get the whole thing on  Bandcamp for as little as €8, which is a bargain in anybody's money. Here are a couple of tiny tasters. The Papa James track may be my new all time favourite thing.

"Ngôma Hoe" - Papa James

"Andosy Mora" - Jean Kely Et Basth

Little known fact - Freddy Cannon's hit was originally called "Malagasy Lassie" but the powers that be at Swan Records changed it to make it more palatable for American audiences. It worked commercially, but at what cultural cost?


  1. The Ubiquitous George has acertain ring to it!

    1. I'm thinking of opening a bar in East London with that name and serving extortionately priced craft ale and artisan gin. They'll love it!

  2. The Flamin' Groovies did a great version of "Tallahassee Lassie. It was the B-side of "Slow Death".