Friday, 24 January 2020

Three Minute Heroes

I'm off on my travels again, get back in about ten days. To keep you company until I return, here are five tracks each of which are exactly three minutes long (if my mp3 player is telling the truth).

As well as being three minute heroes in their own right, collectively they are getting a well-deserved fifteen minutes of fame. Also you can use one of more of them when next boiling an egg - from very runny to rock hard, according to your taste.

Have fun, see you soon.

"The Man Who Invented Himself" - Robyn Hitchcock

"Judy Con Disfraz" - Los 4 Ros

"Walla Mokoko" - Mpharanyana

"Ah Rock Dis Ya Bass Line" - Lloyd Parks

"Lebanon Tennessee" - Ron Sexsmith


  1. Is the Ron Sexsmith track a clue to the whereabouts of your travels?

    1. No. Mpharanyana might be though. Extra clue: it's not the Mokoko Coffee Shop & Bakery in Bristol that I have just googled

  2. Hope you're off to a warm locale. Man, do I dig Robyn Hitchcock. Lucky us that this one clocks in at 3 minutes. Funny that the Selecter needs 37 more seconds. All is forgiven, however, as all of that 2 Tone stuff is right in my wheelhouse.