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Monday 18 May 2020

Cola Wars

That Charity Chic fellow is doing another one of his series where he plays two opposing songs and asks you to vote on your favourite. This time it is Heaven vs Hell.

The choice of salvation or damnation may seem important to some, but it is insignificant compared to choosing your favourite carbonated cola. Today we are asking you to vote on that important subject.

In order to stop CC spotting we are nicking his idea, we are using the classic school debating society format. There are.two teams of three speakers, one arguing for Pepsi and the other for Coke. Please pay them the courtesy of listening to all of them before casting your vote.

"Pepsi's Got A Lot To Give" - Johnny Cash

"Pepsi Generation" - Michael Jackson

"Pepsi's Got A Lot To Give" - B.B. King

"Coke Is It" - Aretha Franklin

"Things Go Better With Coke" - Ray Charles

"Coke Is It" - The Thompson Twins

And in third place...


  1. Replies
    1. I'm counting that as a spoilt ballot.

      There were no Irn Bru jingles on my "Great Cola Commercials Volume 2" CD. Maybe they are all on Volume 1?

  2. The three coke songs are all ghastly. The Johnny Cash pepsi song is not much better. But on teh strength of the Michael Jackson and BB King, pepsi get my vote. As an aside, our cafes don't seem to sell pepsi. ANd I'm glad you did not post the video of I'd Like To Gove the world a coke or that New Seekers song.

  3. I always knew how I was going to vote but in respect to you, I obeyed your plea to listen to all of them. Result: I was unmoved by any of 'em. Coke wins though. Looking forward to your HP vs Heinz beans challenge next week

    1. That could be a challenge, but I'll look into it.