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Friday 15 May 2020

The Long Goodbye: Part 11

Part 11 of our grand tour brings us to Germny. How can you do justice to German music with five mp3s and a few videos? You can't.

I thought about maybe making this a schlager special or a crash course in Krautrock, but in the end have tried to find something for everyone (or in the case of our old friend The Dad Horse Experience, possibly something just for me).

I had to find room in the mix for a bit of country music in recognition of one of the strangest musical experiences of my life. A few years ago my pal Mister F and I found ourselves in Berlin at the same time as the annual country music festival, so we went along. It was wall to wall line dancing and people dressed like this.

"Arizona Man" - Mary Roos

"Hero" - Neu!

"Din Daa Daa" - George Kranz

"African Reggae" - The Nina Hagen Band

"Lord Must Fix My Soul" - The Dad Horse Experience


  1. That James Last video is tremendous. Those dance moves are amongst the worst ever witnessed, and I include efforts by myself and Charity Chic in that.
    Are Dschingis Khan a Boney M tribute act?

    1. Sounds like you and CC would fit in well at the Berlin Country Festival.

      Essentially, yes they are (although I am sure they would be appalled at the suggestion)

  2. Is that you in the Blue uniform Ernie?

    1. It's not, although we are similar shapes which may be the cause of the confusion