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Wednesday 17 June 2020

Direct From The Workshop

McCully Workshop sounds too dull to be the name for a psychedelic band, who were normally called things like The 14th Eye or Abigail's Mushroom. But that's what they were, and one of South Africa's finest. Here are a couple of tracks from their 1971 album "Genesis", which is considered by most aficionados to be their masterpiece.

"(We All) Look For The Sun" - McCully Workshop

I can't find any clips of the Workshop in their prime on YouTube. There are, however, many hundreds of some outfit called Genesis. Hopefully this will temporarily sate George's craving for ludicrous videos.


  1. For some reason there was no sound coming through my laptop for the first 56 seconds of this video, so I was quite content to watch P Gabriel prancing about. I then endured 41 seconds of sound and closed it down. Genesis are in my top 1o least favourite bands list (as are Gentle Giant). I am now going to search for Abigail's Mushroom (as teh actress said to the bishop)

    1. You may be searching a while as I think I just invented them - although I wouldn't rule out the possibility that they were real.