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Monday 8 June 2020

The Mighty Mia

I have recently discovered the delights of Mia Doi Todd. She has been making records for the best part of 20 years but for whatever reason had completely escaped my attention until a few months ago. Then the lovely people at ORG Records sent me a copy of her 2008 album "GEA" which they have just reissued.

"GEA" is a cracking album and I would heartily recommend you give it a listen. It set me off on trying to track down her other records, and I have now acquired a handful of them. Apart from "GEA" my favourite is probably 2011's "Cosmic Ocean Ship". Here are a couple of tracks from that.

"Summer Lover" - Mia Doi Todd

"My Baby Lives In Paris" - Mia Doi Todd


  1. Very nice
    Not being asurfer of the zeitgeist I rarely get sent anything nevermind something as good as that

    1. If that is the case then the zeitgeist has made a mistake