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Monday 15 February 2021

Big In Blaenau Ffestiniog

I have noticed over the years that many album compilers find it hard to resist bad puns when choosing titles. Some even extend the pun to the album cover, like the old Island Records sampler "El Pea", the cover of which comprised a photo of a giant pea. Another example is the one we are featuring today, "Welsh Rare Beat".

For our non-British readers, Welsh Rarebit is basically cheese on toast. It is considered to be the high point of Cambrian cuisine. 

As naff as the title is, the album itself is excellent. It is a compilation of mostly 1970s Welsh language psych, folk-rock and the like that had been originally released on the Sain record label. The compilation and the follow up ("Welsh Rare Beat 2" - why change a winning formula?) are available on Bandcamp, and I would heartily recommend them both.

"Y Penderfyniad" - Edward H Dafis

"Cynnwrf Yn Ein Gwlad" - Yr Atgyfodiad

"Penhryn Gwyn" - Heather Jones

The original plan was to have some videos featuring some of the other acts featured on the album like Elleri Llwyd and the great Meic Stevens. But then I discovered Brodyr Gregory.