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Wednesday 10 February 2021

Day of the Jackal

Today we bring you the groovy sounds of Big Jackal & The New Cream - or, as they were better known to their many fans, Chacalón y la Nueva Crema. The same fans also referred to Chacalón as 'the Pharaoh of Chicha music'. His dear old Mum referred to him as Lorenzo Palacios Quispe. 

Chacalón and the lads were big stars in Peru back in the 1970s, when they were credited with taking chicha out of the ghetto - literally - and into everybody's home. And they did it with a great deal of fuzz, buzz, pizzazz, razzamatazz and other words ending in 'zz' (but fortunately not jazz).

"Amor ¿Por Qué?" - Chacalón y la Nueva Crema

"La Paz y La Dicha" - Chacalón y la Nueva Crema

Apologies about the quality of the video; the few others I found were in an even worse state. To make up for it I've added some modern chicha courtesy of Chicha Dust. They are actually from Arizona not Peru, but don't let that put you off - they're very good.

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  1. I am impressed with Chicha Dust and am pleased too see that hey are on Bandcamp