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Thursday 18 February 2021

Pea Souper

Last time out I made mention of the appalling food pun based cover of the old Island Records sampler "El Pea". Gasp at the full horror.

"El Pea" was a formative album for me. It came out in 1971 but towards the end of the decade, when I first started getting seriously into music, it could be found in charity shops almost as regularly as the works of James Hadley Chase. It is through "El Pea" and "Bumpers", another Island sampler of similar vintage, that I first discovered Sandy Denny, Nick Drake, Fairport and many more artists who became life-long favourites.

There are all sorts of big names on there - Traffic, Jethro Tull, Mott, Cat Stevens etc - but we are going to feature some of the lesser lights.

"Sudden Street" - Bronco

"Song for Suzie" - Heads, Hands & Feet

While Head, Hands & Feet had only limited success as a band, they had a pretty luminous line-up. Members included Albert Lee (of Emmylou Harris's Hot Band fame), Chas (of & Dave fame), and Tony Colton who wrote and recorded the original version of this cracking tune.


  1. Ah, memories of the sampler album. My favourites were the "Rock Machine" samplers which went from a single album to a double and then triple album sampler. And all on lovely vinyl. I bought the first Island sampler "You Can All Join In" and Liberty UA's "Gutbucket"which featured Captain Beefheart and some fine blues songs.

  2. I have "You Can All Join In" and "Nice Enough To Eat", the other Island one, tucked away somewhere along with one or two of the Rock Machines