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Friday 19 March 2021

El Subterraneo de Paisley

We finish the week with some mid-1980s Spanish psychedelia. I can't help being hidebound by convention.

Los Negativos were formed in Barcelona in the mid 1980s. They released a couple of fine albums - "Piknik Caleidoscópico" (1986) and "18º Sábado Amarillo" (1987) - before splitting up. They got back together about ten years ago and, if badly translated Spanish Wikipedia is to be believed, are still going strong.

Here are a track apiece from the first two albums.

"Cigarras Panameñas" - Los Negativos

"Recuerdos Desde el Gran Hotel" - Los Negativos


  1. Judging by that video they look as though they're enjoying themselves.

    1. And so they should be, the little Spanish scamps