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Monday 22 March 2021

Same Name, Different Noise

The best part of a year ago I had a bright idea for a series. Now I'm not very reliable when it comes to keeping series going, so I thought I would pitch my idea to the acknowledged King of Series, Charity Chic, to see if he fancied picking it up. The Great Man politely declined, so I left it at that.

Until yesterday that is, when I found myself completely lacking in any inspiration for today's post and I decided to dust the idea off. This may or may not turn into a regular feature, who can tell? Not me that's for sure.

Anyway the idea was a simple one - two different acts with identical names. We'll have a double bill today just in case this turns out to be your lot. Ladies and gentlemen, we bring you two Chords and the truth - or at least the truth as our pair of Willie Williamses see it. 

"Maybe Tomorrow" - The Chords

"Sh-Boom" - The Chords

"Ease Up The Pressure" - Willie Williams

"The Baa-Baa Song" - Willie Williams

Here are one of The Chords appearing on the UK's premier music show of the early 1980s. 


  1. Two more than I could have come up with Ernie!

    1. I'm sure that can't be true, not with your extensive collection

  2. I am on the case, and was momentarily excited when I discovered a soul singer by the name of June Sims,.... and was hoping that the Carry On actress by the same name had made a record or two.....

    1. Are you possibly thinking of Joyce Sims and Joan Sims?

  3. .and I'm desperately seeking another singer-band member by the name of Paul Nicholas

  4. Replies
    1. No, identical performing names required, not given names.

      Having gone through my nerdy catalogue yesterday I reckon I have about 50-60 pairs. That said, for many of them I have just one track backed up on a CDR years ago that would take months to find. Eliminating those, maybe plus or minus 25