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Monday 25 October 2021

Digging Mr D

Some of you may recall that last year we went on a musical tour of the EU to mark the UK's departure - which is really going very well, thanks for asking.

One of the bands that we featured during our stop over in Cyprus was Monsieur Doumani. Last week they played a free gig down the end of my road to promote their excellent new album "Pissourin". Very good they were too.

The lads describe their style as 'avant-folk' and there was a lot more of the avant live than there is on the record. Armed with just tzouras (a type of bouzouki), guitar, flute, trombone and a load of effects pedals they made a right groovy racket.

"Pissourin" and Monsieur Doumani's three earlier albums can all be found on their Bandcamp page, with the back catalogue priced at a bargain €5 per album. Head over there now, but before you go here is a track each from "Angathin" (2018) and "Sikoses" (2015).

"Mishmash" - Monsieur Doumani

"The Pert Breast" - Monsieur Doumani

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