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Thursday 25 November 2021

A Brief Respite

I'm heading off in a few hours to see some branches of the Goggins clan that I have not been able to see since before all the silliness started. I'll be back here in mid-December.

Where am I off to, you ask? Well, it's none of the places mentioned in these songs, but if you look closely at the running order there's a not very subtle clue.

"Central Milton Keynes - You've Never Seen Anything Like It" -           Ronnie Bond

"Addis Ababa" - Culture

"Paramaribo" - Mighty Sparrow

"En Lima" - Los Shain's

"Taj Mahal" - Jorge Ben

"Oxford Town" - Abstract Truth

"Williamson County" - Gary Stewart

"New Orleans" - Gary U.S. Bonds

See you in a few weeks. Stay groovy in the meantime.


  1. Listening to the news tonight sounds like your trip could be in jeopardy. Hope all goes well. Loved the Dylan cover track in yr mnemonic. Had never heard of Abstract Truth before

    1. I was actually on the last coach to Skegness - we'll call it that, don't want CC to feel foolish - when the announcement was made so that is where I am now. I may be away from the blog longer than intended though, as even if the coaches back are running it looks like they'll deliver me to a quarantine hotel

      Abstract Truth were part of the small but enthusiastic South Africa psych scene in the late 1960s. I picked up a couple of their LPs on one of my previous trips to Skeggy

  2. Thanks so much for the amazing selection of tunes. Enjoy.

  3. Superb selection, Ernie. I didn't realise I needed a song about (central) Milton Keynes in my life until I heard Ronnie Bond! And you've got to admire the perfect synchronicity of MC Miker G's moustache and unabrow. Enjoy your time with the Goggins cland and stay safe!

    1. Thanks for your kind words. The Central in Central Milton Keynes actually refers to the then exciting and cutting edge shopping centre that opened 40ish years ago. Here's a link to the advert that featured the song. Why they thought it was worth issuing it as a 7" single goodness knows: