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Friday 12 November 2021

Pour Me Another

We haven't heard any hardcore honky-tonk on here for ages. Let's put that right with a couple of the all-time greats and a young pretender, one J.P. Harris. J.P. is perhaps a bit too chirpy to stand comparison with George and Gary, but if he is blessed with a few more years and a truly wretched life he may get there.

J.P's 2018 album "Sometimes Dogs Bark At Nothing" - from which today's track comes - is available on Bandcamp and well worth a listen.

"If Drinkin' Don't Kill Me" - George Jones

"Half Alive And Still Drinking" - Gary Stewart 

"I Only Drink Alone" - J.P. Harris


  1. Toptastic George Jones track, Ernie. It sounds a bit like Don't Let Me Cross Over