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Wednesday 3 November 2021

Down The Lazy River

The Nile Project is an initiative that aims to bring together people from the countries that the river flows through to collaborate and to help keep the river sustainable. I say is, it may be was - the website has not been updated since 2017 and their social media accounts seem to have stopped as well.

The most visible of its activities is a loose collective of musicians from the region, also known as The Nile Project. They have produced three albums to date. Today's selections come from "Jinja" (2016). The first features Selamnesh Zemene from Ethiopia, the second Michael Bazibu, Sophie Nzayisenga and Steven Sogo from Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi respectively.

"Ya Abai Wuha" - The Nile Project

"Mulungi Munange" - The Nile Project

Other Niles are available. 


  1. Your occasional correspondent Charity Chic will be seething at the posting of a Blue Nile video, he absolutely loathes them. Be afraid!

    1. Oh no! Just when I thought we had got over our imaginary squabble I may inadvertently set it off again!