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Friday 30 September 2022

Do You Like Seoul Music?

Join me now on a journey through space and time. We are going back to South Kora in 1974, where a singer called Kim Jiyeon teamed up with a band called The Revival Cross to make an album. But when they handed it over to the record company the executives were evidently so alarmed by the weird and uncommercial nature of the music that they refused to release it.  

The album in question was "Losing My Mind" and it was finally released in 2018 by Korean reissue label Beatball Music. You can find it on their Bandcamp site along with many other intriguing releases that I plan to explore when I get the time. 

Listening to the album now it is hard to see why the old executives got so agitated. It is mildly funky in some  places and mildly psychedelic in others, but its not exactly avant garde. The selling point is Kim Jiyeon's great vocals, as showcased on today's selections.

"내 마음 흔들려 (Losing My Mind)" - Kim Jiyoen & The Revival Cross

"밤 12시 (12 O'Clock At Night)" - Kim Jiyoen & The Revival Cross

Speaking of losing your mind... 

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  1. These are excellent. My Bandcamp Friday shopping list is getting a bit out of hand.