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Monday 12 September 2022

Kingly Character

This time last week King Khayem of Dubhed shared an excellent home-made Sahel Sounds selection that featured King Ayisoba of Karaga in Ghana. It's obviously a King Thing.

Anyway, I was so enthused by discovering that others also admire King Ayisoba that I committed then and there to featuring a couple of tracks from his fabulous 2017 album "1000 Can Die" - still readily available on Bandcamp

And here they are, with a wide array of guest stars including luminaries such as M3nsa, Steven Anaho and some obscure newcomer called Perry.

"1000 Can Die (feat. M3nsa & Lee "Scratch" Perry)" - King Ayisoba

"Anka Yen Tu Kwai (feat. Atinbila & Steven Anaho)" - King Ayisoba


  1. That's very kind of you, Ernie. In truth, 'King' is more commonly used with my name in a "...'king 'ell, cross the road, it's Khayem!" context.

    An excellent brace of King Ayisoba songs there and the Garnet Silk song is the icing on the cake.

    1. Apologies. I will make sure to use your full title next time.