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Friday 2 September 2022

Cup Half Full

This was meant to be a tale of two gigs - and not just any old gigs either - but turned into a tale of one. Still, better than none.

On Tuesday we were due to see the Abyssinians but on the morning of the show it got postponed for what is now the fifth time. Previously the reasons were lockdown, lockdown, international travel restrictions and the Home Office not getting their visas sorted in time (something that is happening to quite a lot of African and Caribbean artists - Black Uhuru recently had to cancel their UK gigs for the same reason). 

On this occasion the Abyssinians actually managed to get to London but then one of them came down with Covid. Let's hope it isn't severe and he recovers quickly. And fingers crossed it will be sixth time lucky.

Much better luck last night when my pal Mr Perfect (his real name) and I went to see the great Johnny Clarke at the Fox & Firkin public house in Lewisham. I've not been there before but will definitely be going back, its a nice little venue.

Mr Clarke was in excellent voice and was well backed by the Dub Asante band. Rather than attempt to describe the gig further I will just refer you to the video below which contains an entire concert by the same combination from 2019. Before you get there, though, here are two of the many highlights of last night's set.

"Move Outta Babylon" - Johnny Clarke

"Rock With Me Baby" - Johnny Clarke


  1. I'm about 25 minutes into the live set and it's very good indeed - the Dub Asante Band are great!

  2. You don't get too many reggae acts playing up here.The only ones I've been to are Aswad and Toots & the Maytals

  3. Superb. Glad Johnny made it and was every bit as good as you hoped/expected. As The Swede said, that 2019 set is wonderful.