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Monday 28 November 2022

Monday Mash

I'll be straight with you. This entire post is just a pretext for sharing a video of what may be now my second all-time favourite mash-up. 

I could have just played the video, but I didn't want you thinking I wasn't making an effort. So you'll have to sit through four songs with the word "mash" in the title first. 

Before you ask: no, it's not that Cary Grant; and yes, it is a shame that Earl Sixteen is being a bit of a party pooper with his anti mash-up views but just ignore him (and those contrarians from Melbeat who want you to mash down not up).

"Mish Mash" - Carrie Grant

"Satchmo's Mash Potato" - Girl Satchmo & The Mashers

"Mash Down" - Melbeat

"No Mash Up the Dance" - Earl Sixteen

If you've survived all of that and are still here, here's my second all-time favourite mash-up.

And what is Number One, I hear you ask. This one of course. What else could it be?


  1. There used to be a Jimmy Shand Bar in Dundee (I never went there). It was knocked down a few years ago.

  2. What is your second video? In the US it just says it's not available...

    1. It is a mash up of 'In Da Club' by 50 Cent and 'Bluebell Polka' by Jimmy Shand, a Scottish accordion player and band leader who played traditional dance music. It works better than it should.

  3. These are clearly marvellous but I cannot abide Mr. Cent, not even under such felicitous circumstances.
    Did sir consider the following when ranking best all tim mash-ups? This one is straight in at number one IMHO

    1. Thanks, I've not seen that one before. It's not a number one for me but certainly a contender for the top ten.