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Wednesday 23 November 2022

Three Turks From Trabzon

After Monday's brush with brash modernity we are crawling back into our comfort zone today.

Üç Hürel (The Three Hürels) were three brothers from the Hürel family who decided to form a band. Having spent ages agonising over what to call it they released their first single in 1970 and went on to be one of the leading Anatolian Rock acts of the 70s.

While they were based in Istanbul by the time they started recording the Hürel brothers were born and raised in Trabzon. I spent a bit of time in Trabzon a few years back en route to Georgia. It is not the most attractive of cities but it has a lot of character and I have some fond memories.

Trabzon was also where I acquired a large chunk of my Turkish music collection including "3 Hur-El", the 1972 debut album by the lads. Here are a couple of tracks from that.

"Ve Ölüm" - Üç Hürel

"Pembelikler" - Üç Hürel

The Hürels weren't the only groups with three brothers making waves back in 1972.


  1. It turns out I needed Anatolian rock in my life. Dr. G, you continue to have the cure for the daily blues...

  2. The title sounds like the first line of a bawdy ballad

    1. or the first line of a limerick

    2. There once were three Turks from Trabzon
      Whose album was full of fab songs
      Dum di dum dum
      Dum di dum dum
      Blah blah blah put the kebabs on

      You can fill in the rest I'm sure

  3. You put the brothers up against some tough competition there, Ernie, but I think Üç Hürel make a pretty good show of things. Both songs are keepers!